5 Less Visited Sites in Seattle and Nearby


Seattle, official nickname “Emerald City“. Informally, “Rain City” due to its soggy weather. However this port city is breathtakingly  beautiful especially between April to October with picturesque spring flowers, sunny summer and colorful autumn and of course no umbrella!

Take a glance at all the well known attractions of Seattle that are most commonly recommended. Then, let’s jump to the five less visited yet worth experiencing attractions.

You have most probably visited or searched popular attractions of Seattle like-

Space Needle 

Pike Place Market {also first Starbucks ,if you’re a fan!}

Mt. Rainer {paradise and reflection lake}

Kerry Park

Future of flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour

Now, here’s a list of less visited sites that are wonderful and totally worth visiting at least once.

  1. Mukilteo Lighthoue – If you wish to visit somewhere serene and beautiful, Mukilteo lighthouse by the placid sea side brings your search to an end. Also,you can set a campfire by the beach while enjoying refreshing sea breeze with the lighthouse as a captivating backdrop. Best season to visit- Fallimage
  2. Waterfront Park: Wenatchee River – Whether you are a nature photographer or simply a nature lover don’t  miss this site. You will experience breath-taking views across the river and NOT just saying! Best season to visit- Summer, Fallimage.jpeg
  3. Jimi Hendrix Memorial– Yes! If you were wondering where to pay your tributes to a very influential electric guitarist and one of the most celebrated musician of the 20th century, do visit Jimi Hendrix Memorial. You can take pictures for your memories or for fan-club friends. Best season to visit- Spring, Summer, Fall image
  4. Forks– It certainly ring bells to ‘twilight’ movie fans. You can take a twilight tour to see Bella’s house and car or check out the other places featured in the movie. Even if you aren’t such a twilight fan, Forks still has a lot to explore. The second beach trail is one of the most beautiful trails to go for hiking along with a beautiful  beach -La Push, it is a unique beach owing to picturesque sea stack and huge driftwood logs. ABest season to visit-Summerimage
  5. Myrtle Falls:Mt.Rainer– Myrtle falls is a not to miss spot when you decide to visit Mt.Rainier this summer. You will have a good time gazing at the scenic waterfall from the bridge and listening to the soothing sound of water gushing through rocks. Myrtle falls is approximately 1 mile round trip from the Paradise lodge.Best season to visit-Spring, Summerimage

Have a great time exploring all these beautiful places! And, don’t forget to leave your comment and hit ‘like’ if you do.


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  1. yaswtanu says:

    your pics are so wonderful. they seem so inviting…

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    1. Thanks for visiting,there’s more to come.
      You may follow the blog to get new posts directly in your reader.


      1. yaswtanu says:

        already following…

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  2. Ritu says:

    Hey it’s amazing n I would love to visit all these beautiful places.

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    1. Thanks,glad to know!


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